Frequently Asked Questions

1. Your Youtube views are Real or Fake?

Ans. All our views are 100% Real Human Views. We don't use bot or illegal techniques.

2. What will be the retention of your Youtube Views?

Ans. Our Youtube Views are High Retention Views, We know that Youtube only rank the videos those being watched a long.

3. What is the retention rate of your Youtube Views?

Ans. Its 75% to 90% - Doesn't matter how long your video is. ( Isn't that awesome..!!!?? )

4. Where do Youtube Views come from and What are the referrer of your Youtube Views?

Ans. Views come from WorldWide and the referrers are Facebook/Twitter/Redit/Mobile and other major Social Media Sites.

5. Your Youtube Views are Adsense safe?

Ans. Yes all our views are Adsense safe.

6. What is the minimum Quantity of views I can order?

Ans. The minimum Youtube Views order is 3000 Views thats only cost $2.

If your video content is Attractive and Good than people will also Like your Video and Subscribe to your channel.

7. Your Youtube Likes are Real and How can I buy Youtube Likes from you?

Ans. Yes, Our youtube video likes are 100% Real Likes, You can buy youtube likes by selecting a package of your choice and making payment through Paypal.

8. Your Youtube Channel Subscribers are Real, and How can I buy Youtube Subscribers from you?

Ans. As our all services are Real, We prefer best Quality. All people who Subscribe to your channel are Real Human. You can buy youtube subscribers by selecting any package of your choice.

9. Do you offer money back guarantee?

Ans. Yes definitely, If we failed in delivering your order, We will refund you.

10. What payment methods you do accept?

Ans. On our website we only accept Paypal but we also accept Payza, Skrill, Liberty, STP, Webmoney and Bitcoin. We know lots of countries are blacklisted by Paypal. We accept all payment methods. Please contact us for other payment methods.

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