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* You must understand all items on are intangible.

* Your order can be started instantly or within 24 hours, But sometimes it may take 72-96 hours to start any order.

* If your order is not started within 96 hours, You can ask us to issue a refund by emailing us at or by filling the refund form below.

* If your order is delivered or in progress, you can not ask for a refund.

* You agree not to ask for a Refund via Paypal if you have already emailed us asking to issue you a refund. If you have asked us to issue a refund and more than 72 hours have been passed you can then open a dispute in PayPal.

* Sometimes Youtube takes time to update the views, likes, subscribers, and comments. That is why we are telling you to wait at least 96 hours. You must wait for 96 hours and then you can ask for a refund by emailing us at

* All refunds will be processed within 72 hours.

* We don't abide by Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Reverbnation rules.

* We have the right to make any changes to this agreement at any time.

* If you have bought the services with Cryptocurrencies (e.g Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dai, BitCoin Cash, USD Coin) and we failed to deliver your order then don't forget to include your crypto wallet address while emailing us at

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